Tuesday, October 20, 2009


nothing to talk about...juz let myself think something..and talk something...
something bout life,
something bout relationship,
something bout me....
did u keep dreaming something that u really want, but u can't reach it?
did u ever feel desperate,sad,happy,angry until u don't what to do?
did u ever wandering, who am i?
well, life is something mystery, and it won't let us know what its secret
relationship, it will never started, until we start it
me, myself juz only me know..who am l...
so, don't let other people teach what is life, u, yourself need to do it by yourself..
don't envy with other people relationship, b'coz that their part, we never know, how our part..
let me show u, who am i...me..juz me...people around me are not deserved to judge who am i...
so...life with your own life,don't bother other..
so...make your own relatioship, b'coz your deserve it...
and...be yourself..don't let people teach u how to be yourself..

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